Stephen Hill’s agent rips the Jets for cutting his client, blames Tim Tebow

Stephen Hill’s agent Alan Herman told Jim Corbett of USA TODAY Sports that the Jets didn’t give his client enough time to develop.

“I’m disappointed in Idzik and Rex with the way the whole thing went down there,” Hill’s agent, Alan Herman, told USA TODAY Sports. “Two years in that kind of situation is disheartening.

“He didn’t have a chance that first year with that whole Tim Tebow-Mark Sanchez fiasco. … His second year, Geno Smith was learning how to play quarterback. So they never threw the ball deep because they wanted to simplify things for Geno.”

Herman does have a point.  You can’t say Hill had good quarterbacks throwing him the ball.


  1. Rich says

    When Hill was drafted a friend of mine – who’s son was at GT with Hill – said “Steven Hill – terrible – he can’t catch the ball!” I guess he had the scoop on that one.

  2. techfan says

    Steven Hill left Ga Tech early probably because he was reading all the reporters kissing his chops; while he is in the mold of Calvin Johnson and BeBe Thomas, he really needed another year at the college level for his development. He got the dollars but now he needs to get a career – it’s all up to him, and his agent blaming others is not helpful.

  3. gavinwca says

    Tebow still getting the blame two years later. Those Christians man, they still ruin your life even when they are not here.

  4. silverdeer says

    Not sure why the dude is cryin. He has 31 other teams and the CFL to choose from now.

  5. RVJ says

    bottom line, they saw him run, fell in love w/ his size and thought “we have the next calvin johnson, who also is from GT” Turns out, they were wrong. Agent is just mad is pockets got lighter.

  6. Zack Phillips says

    Excuses excuses excuses… It’s never his clients fault. Gotta blame a couple guys that aren’t even there anymore. The fact is, Hill isn’t that good. Tebow and Sanchez didn’t make him that. He was overrated in college.

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