Steelers’ years of contending are gone

What’s wrong with the Pittsburgh Steelers? Short answer: almost everything. But I’m sure you didn’t come here for the short answer.

Let’s start at the top. General Manager Kevin Colbert and Art Rooney II are definitely a part of the blame. The years of bad drafting have put the Steelers in their current stage of disarray.

Since Mike Tomlin’s first year in Pittsburgh, 2007, Steelers’ drafting has been subpar. Some draft classes panned out, and some have definitely not. The Steelers don’t have single player from their 2008 draft class still on their roster.

2013 and 2012’s draft classes are not looking great, as of now. Of course, I believe that you need to give those draft picks more time before we call it a complete disaster.

The Steelers haven’t been able to construct a good offensive line since the departure of guard Alan Faneca. Many of the offensive line draft picks have been injury prone or busts. Perhaps you can chalk that up to bad luck.

Why is the Steelers’ defense so much worse compared to 2012’s version? Ryan Clark, Troy Polamalu, and Ike Taylor’s respective ages have caught up to them. The Steelers’ secondary shut down offenses last season. This season, it gets picked apart on a weekly basis. It seems like Ryan Clark is ready for his new analyst career at ESPN.

Dick LeBeau’s scheme on defense doesn’t fit the Steelers personnel, anymore. The team can’t play zone, nor can it go man-to-man. The Steelers only have one highly capable pass rusher: OLB LaMarr Woodley.

Finally, the Steelers don’t have a game-changing player. Players such as Rob Gronkowski, Calvin Johnson, and Adrian Peterson. Nobody on the Steelers offense is a truly special player besides quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Perhaps that is what the Steelers need to focus in on during the first round of the 2014 draft.

It’s rebuilding time for the Steelers. It’s time for the team and its fans to embrace it. A couple of years could go by before the Steelers become playoff contenders again.