Steelers won’t suspend Bell or Blount

According to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,  the Steelers will not be suspending either Le’Veon Bell or LeGarrette Blount.

All anyone needs to do is look at what has happened in similar marijuana possession instances to know what will happen. The NFL will allow the legal process to play out and then Roger Goodell might issue at most a one-game suspension. He usually does that the following year.

So the idea that either the Steelers will act on their own or that the wheels of NFL justice will move so quickly Bell and Blount could lose a game to suspension anytime soon is folly.

And the only thing that would get either of these players more than a one-game suspension would be if they already had tested positive for drug use along the way and this was their second offense. We do not know that, especially in Blount’s case because he has been in the league longer and this is his fourth team.

The CBA essentially bails out the Steelers from having to suspend their two key running backs.  I’m sure they’re not losing sleep over the fact that Bell and Blount will likely play this entire season.