Steelers wide receiver coach believes Plaxico Burress can still play

Steelers wide receivers coach Richard Mann believes Plaxico Burress can still play according to Will Graves.

Burress is going to battle for a spot on the Steelers roster. There are plenty of young guys that are looking to make this team, and they offer more than Burress. It hurts Plaxico greatly that he does not play special teams.


  1. says

    I think this is training camp hype to be honest so we’ll see. Unless he has suddenly taken his workout regimen very seriously and at 35 he has gotten slower than he already was…I think he is going to be gone.

    Haley runs duel TE sets a lot and now you have 6’7″ Spaeth who is a red zone target who can block better than Plax. As you have mentioned he doesn’t play special teams which we are focusing on big time.

    If Moye,Woods Brown etc show promise, I would hope one of those younger prospects get the slot. Cotch is almost a lock to be the 3rd receiver and slide to fourth if and when Wheaton gets up to speed.

  2. Tom Leonard says

    I dont see how J. Cotchery is a lock to make the team as the 3rd WR. He hasnt been anywhere close to healthy since he left NY. On fact, Im not even sure he has played in more games than he’s missed over the two years. His total production has been poor each of the past two seasons as well, although he showed signs when he played during the last month of the 2011 season (more than he showed last year). Like Plax Cotchery isnt playing on special teams but also makes a decent salary. Granted niether did much last year (though Plax was a last second mid season signing, Cotchery has been there for two years) but Plax is only one year removed from a 600 plus yards, 8TD season on a run oriented NY Jets team, a lot more than Cocthery has done in the past few seasons.

  3. says

    Plax is a match-up nightmare.If he is given the chance he could very easily be the the number 2 WR. Can anyone say that Sanders has accomplished more than Plax. Are you serious saying Spaeth is a redzone target.The WR depth chart should go Brown , Cothery, Burress, Sanders. This combination gives us the best chance at winning a championship. Playing any other combination is just holding try-outs for the future.

  4. says

    Yes I’m dead serious. He is 6’7″ and unlike Plax con block. smh. When you throw the ball to Cotch he catches it. When you actually play Cotch he is there for us.

    You people obviously forget about Plax’s work habits and tendency to disappear in big games. That’s why we let him go the first time. Lets keep bringing people with questionable work habits and attitudes like Mendy,Wallace and Plax and then….be surprised when you get the results you do.

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