Steelers game observations from Week 4

Le’Veon is the Steelers’ starting running back:

Bell wasn’t special in his career debut, but he showed that he is the best running back the Steelers have. Bell showed his ability to be a hard-nosed runner and the ability to be elusive. His first touchdown run was very impressive. He read the defense, and he reacted very well. Bell only managed 57 yards on the day, but he came away with two touchdowns.

Mike Adams is terrible:

There’s nothing more you can really say about Mike Adams. He was so slow off the ball, it was downright unbelievable. Jared Allen schooled Adams all day long. Allen was constantly putting pressure on the pocket; he came away with 2.5 sacks in the game. The way Adams is playing, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Steelers spend another high draft pick on an offensive lineman next year.

The defense gave up way too many big plays, and they missed too many tackles:

Cortez Allen, who is usually very good at tackling the catch, missed tackling Greg Jennings on a play early in the first quarter, and that ended up being a 70-yard score. If Allen would have made that tackle, the play would have gone for 5 yards at the most. Adrian Peterson tormented the Steelers defense. He caused so many missed tackles, and one came on his 60-yard rushing touchdown. Cornerback Ike Taylor came up to meet Peterson in the running lane, and Taylor completely whiffed on the tackle. Vikings wideout Jerome Simpson made a 51-yard catch and run down the middle of the field as well. Most of the blame in this game goes to the defense.

Antonio Brown is a No.1 wide receiver:

Brown had another busy day, after putting up 196 yards of receiving last week. Brown caught 12 passes for 88 yards in this game. He made a lot of tough and important receptions; many of those catches were drive-changers.

The Steelers are just downright unlucky:

LaMarr Woodley strip-sacked Matt Cassel, and the ball rolled five yards forward and was recovered by the Vikings. And Ike Taylor dropped two balls that he could have been intercepted, but of course, Taylor just doesn’t have any hands. Being unlucky has something to do with the Steelers’ bad situation, but it doesn’t have very much.


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    I tried to say what the problems is but no-one seems to want to believe it . We have drafted very poorly over the last 6 years and it shows.As long as every one keeps thinking that these players are on an elite NFL tier the longer we will be watching this.Is J. Jones a rocket coming off the edge??? Is Z. Hood a top d-end??? same with Heyward ??? The team has failed miserably fixing the o-line. The front office has failed , and by the way good for Ben it’s obvious he no longer is running Haley’plays.

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