Steelers changing their defensive philosophy under Dick LeBeau

It sounds like the Pittsburgh Steelers will be changing their defense a little this season and will ask their defensive ends to rush the passer more.

“We definitely need to get more pressure up front,” Brett Keisel said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “There’s been an emphasis more on [ends] getting on the edge rather than just pushing the pocket, getting on the edge and trying to make something happen.”

Keisel says this isn’t the first time they’ve changed things up.

“We’ve kind of changed our techniques [from] years past until now,” said Keisel.  “In years past, when we had James and LaMarr, it was mostly just push the pocket, try to collapse the pocket, make the quarterback flush and those guys would be there to clean him up. That’s what we were taught.

“I think as the year goes on — there was so much shuffle last year with LaMarr and James — [we’re] just trying to get on the edge, knowing if we get to the quarterback it’s going to have an impact in the game. Just trying to help my team.”

Despite the fact that a lot of people don’t believe the Steelers will be a playoff team in 2013,  I believe they’ll win the AFC North.  Their defense will be just fine.




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