Sounds like Emannuel Sanders could be headed for free agency in 2014

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Emmanuel Sanders’ agent Jordan Woy says the Steelers will need to make his client a great offer if they want to keep him from hitting free agency after this upcoming season.

Sanders’ agent, Jordan Woy, indicated to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette last month that unrestricted free agency was likely. He said the Steelers would have to offer a “very good deal” for Sanders to pass up unrestricted free agency.


Woy knows the market. While Wallace was a big-name signing for the Dolphins, lesser-known receivers also have signed lucrative deals in free agency. Even secondary receivers have snagged big money.

With the Steelers only having roughly $473,315 in cap room right now, I can’t imagine that they’ll be able to make an offer to Sanders that will keep him from hitting the open market in 2014.


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