Sounds like the Browns might consider a draft day trade for Kirk Cousins

kirk cousins gifMary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer believes there’s a chance the Browns could end up making a draft day trade for Redskins back up quarterback Kirk Cousins.

With 10 picks in this draft, anything is possible. The Browns might package picks to move up, they might trade back, they might trade some for picks next year and they might borrow from next year to take a player this year. It’s all on the table and it should be an exciting three days. It might even include trade discussions for Washington backup Kirk Cousins.

It doesn’t sound like the Browns are sold out on acquiring Cousins,  but if they’re not able to get one of the quarterbacks they’re eyeing early on the draft, they could pull the trigger for Cousins.

I’m guessing the big reason is because of Cousins’ ties to offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.