Sidney Rice won’t play Thursday

According to Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll,  wide receiver Sidney Rice won’t play Thursday after suffering a concussion this past Sunday against the Redskins.

Carroll said they’ll be “very careful” with Rice since this is his second concussion of the season.

Golden Tate will likely start in Rice’s place this week against the Eagles.

  • widowmaker64

    I say we boycout this Thursady game. Let the Seahawks see how we feel about there poor performance. I have season tickets and Im getting tired of this. My hard earned money that I could us on other things instead of a bunch of babys living the dream as I struggle to get by. Pete Carol as well. When is he going to stop being there friend and be an NFL coach. Just one game without the fans. All Im asking. Any support from anyone else on this. I also heard rumors the players are parting to much. But cant confirm that. It wouldnt surprise me. I love and support the Seahawks. Time for the Seahawks to step up and take care of there fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!