Should Tom Brady stick up for Wes Welker?

The definition of a good teammate is someone who cheers, remains positive, takes responsibility and is a good example to the rest of the team. In the NFL, teammates depend on each for success and bond during failure. Tom Brady and Wes Welker have been teammates on the New England Patriots since 2007 when Welker was traded from the Miami Dolphins.

Over the last five seasons, Welker has averaged 111 catches a year and 1,221 yards which is very impressive for an NFL wide receiver. What is even more impressive is that Welker is 5’9’’ and often has to deal with defensive players who are bigger than him while trying to catch passes from Tom Brady. At this time, Welker is in a contract dispute with the Patriots. The team placed the franchise tag on Welker and opted to pay him a salary of 9.5 million dollars for this year. Welker is seeking a long-term deal with New England but the negotiations have not been effective between his agent and the team. At 31 years old, Wes Welker may seem not worth the risk of a long-term deal however since he’s been an important part of the offense since he arrive, shouldn’t get some reconsideration or assistance?

In 2010, Tom Brady was in a similar position of being scrutinized by the media for not standing up for a teammate. During that year, Randy Moss was due for a contract extension and wanted to stay with the Patriots. Similar to Welker, Moss also joined the Patriots in 2007 and was able to catch 47 touchdowns in three years. Randy Moss provided the deep threat and sure handed receiver the Patriots always wanted, more specifically Tom Brady.

However, many people are not aware of the fact Tom Brady converted 5 million dollars of his salary to free cap space in order for the Patriots to trade for Moss in 2007.Surely, that gesture from Brady would merit some credit but was the gesture more narcissistic than being a good teammate? The acquisitions of Moss and Welker assisted Brady in winning the NFL MVP in 2007 and 2010.

Moreover in 2010, Brady was signed a four-year 72 million dollar contract extension making him at the time highest paid player in the NFL. Now, the New England Patriots philosophy has always been team first while players come and go but it shouldn’t be strange for their franchise player to actually stick up to management about his most trusted receiver. Not saying Brady should demand the Patriots offer Welker a long-term deal but it would be a considered a good gesture by many of his teammates, especially Wes Welker.

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