Should the Cowboys draft a quarterback?

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman has come out and said that he believes the Cowboys should draft a quarterback this year.  He doesn’t believe they should replace Tony Romo, but to have someone to develop for down the road.

With Romo turning 33 years-old in April,  I think the Cowboys have bigger issues to take care of.  They need to add more depth up and down their roster and the draft is the place to do that.

Let’s be honest, as bad as Romo has been in clutch situations, he still puts up great numbers and even a quarterback of his caliber isn’t easy to find.

What do you think?  Should the Cowboys draft a quarterback?


  1. robert oakes says

    yes they should. as much as i liked romo, he seems to turn the ball over at the wrong time. he puts up good numbers but doesn’t exhibit the clutch gene.

  2. jim says

    The Cowboys need to draft a QB as soon as yesterday. They need depth in that position, but they also need stability in their coaching staff. Jones is abviously against holding on to what works Who knows what will happen as long as Jones insists on sticking his nose in the coaches buisiness, but it usually isn’t the right thing.

  3. Luminator says

    No, the Cowboys do not need to draft a quarterback yet. Troy and most Dallas fans out there are in panic mode and do not seem to understand the root of the problem.The problem in Dallas is not the quarterback, it’s the weak OL and DL. The OL cannot block and execute and DL cannot pressure and stop other team from scoring. Without a reliable running game, the quarterback has all the pressure to outplay opponents. Any quarterback playing behind the current Cowboy OL would not last a season. If history repeats itself, look at how the team construct of the 70s and 90s were put together–strong defense and offense with perennial all pros and HOF players. Today’s team is lucky to have 1 or 2 all pros. You do the math.

  4. Anonymous says

    yes and i would draft in the 3rd and 4th rounds so that gives the rookie 2 or 3 years to be prepeared

  5. Luminator says

    Historically, JG and JJ have not been very successful drafting quarterbacks. Trying to find a diamond in the rough is not easy because it could take Dallas more than 3 years to develop a QB while Romo is still playing. Their best approach is getting a veteran via FA or trade. Using a draft pick on future QB should only considered if the draft class for QB is better than this year’s crop.

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