Shawne Merriman claims he never overdosed, went back to the club after leaving hospital

Earlier today we reported that former NFL linebacker Shawne Merriman was taken to a Los Angeles hospital after overdosing at a night club.

According to Black Sports Online, Merriman claims that he never overdosed and that he in fact went back to the club after leaving the hospital.

Shawne says he’s been running himself ragged recently — “I’ve been finishing my MBA, shooting a bunch of films, launching my LightsOut [company] and still training.”


Shawne’s rep tells us, “At the hospital, he got fluids and felt fine … so he went right back to the club.”


As for reports that Shawne was treated for a drug overdose, the rep tells TMZ …”That’s absurd … if you had a drug overdose, you wouldn’t be at a club right after.”

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