Shannon Sharpe rips quarterbacks in front of Dan Marino who don’t have Super Bowl rings

Shannon Sharpe suffers from the same problem Warren Sapp has. Diarrhea of the mouth.

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  • johnson

    Who knows or cares what that asshole says.Can’t understand him anyway.The only reason he is even on that show is because Charles Barkley is too fat to fit in the chair.But weees gots have dem folks to be politerizingly correecuated.YO

    • Aaron Johnson

      i likes your way of thinking but first can i axe you a question.

  • Anonymous

    Your the Ahole you idiot the game predominantly made up by Blacks. So take your head out of your ass.
    The comment comes form a player that has 2 Supper Bowl rings and enough stats to make him a hall of famer. If you ant first you …..and …Ass..

    • Aaron Johnson

      but most of the legendary players in the important position QB are white.

  • Anonymous



      Shannon Sharpe is a CHAMPION !! That means SUPERBOWL experience, and he has the RING !! One of the GREATEST tight ends in football history!! So why the HELL he can’t have his opinion!!

  • John Kennedy

    Sure was a great Tight end! Sure can’t understand what he’s saying most of the time though.

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