Shane Vereen will likely take over Danny Woodhead’s old role

New England Patriots running back Shane Vereen understands that he needs to be more focused this season.

“There’s a little more focus on my part. There has to be,” Vereen said Tuesday. “[I need to] just be more consistent. More reliable. That comes with practice and that comes with time, so hopefully we’ll get there.”

Vereen may have struggled with the Patriots offense in the past.

“You have to stay focused the whole time. Because I’m a dual threat, it means I have to know multiple positions. I have to know everything, really,” he said. “Here, it wasn’t always easy coming in. You’ve got to learn how to learn the system, make sense of it to yourself. I’m more of a visual learner, so I learn a lot by seeing it on the field. [But] I’ve been to plenty of practices, seen and taken a lot of mental reps as well as physical reps. I don’t think it’s much of an issue any more.”

It looks like Vereen will have the inside track to take over Danny Woodhead’s third-down duties now that he’s gone, according to

“I’d say that I’m approaching this season a little bit differently than I did last season,” Vereen said. “Just with a mindset of my role on the team.”

Vereen looked good last season when he was able to get on the field.  He’ll have to step his game up now that it looks like his playing time will increase in 2013.

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