Seneca Wallace says the 49ers used him

Quarterback Seneca Wallace told the Des Moine Register that he was used by the 49ers to get Colt McCoy to take a pay cut.  It also seems like the reports that he retired weren’t true.

“I have not retired,” Wallace said in a phone interview with the Register. “I have just removed myself from the San Francisco situation because it wasn’t a perfect fit for me.”

He continued, “I’ve been around this game long enough where I can see what’s going on,” Wallace said, “and I realized right away the reason they brought me here was to get Colt to take a pay cut.”

Wallace understands it’s a business.

“San Francisco wasn’t the best place for me,” Wallace said. “I have no hard feelings toward San Francisco. It’s just the nature of the business.”

Wallace still wants to play football.

“I still have the desire and I still want to play,” said Wallace.

He doesn’t have any regrets moving forward.

“I’ve made a lot of money,” Wallace said. “I had a chance to play in a Super Bowl — be a part of a Super Bowl team. I’ve done some great things in Seattle. I have no regrets.”