Seattle Seahawks’ fans trying to get their bricks at 49ers stadium

seahawks logo

The San Fransisco 49ers are finally getting the new stadium they’ve been chasing for close to a decade. Stadiums aren’t cheap; just ask Jerry Jones. One way the 49ers are bringing in income is by selling personalized bricks that will eventually be part of the stadium. Some sneaky Seattle Seahawks’s fans on Reddit are trying to get their own message on the stadium.

Some of the messages the Seahawks’ fans are trying to get in range from simple ones like “Go Hawks” to more creative ones like “Great Ones Have Achieved Wisdom Knowing Success.” Some nicer fans even wanted to congratulate their division rivals on a new stadium.

Now that this story is public, it’s very doubtful they’ll get their message through the people who have the ability to veto any message.

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