Sean Payton spending the week as a caddie

Via, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton will be spending the week as a caddie for Ryan Palmer at the Greenbrier Classic.

Payton says it all began as a plan to vacation.

What started as a plan of vacationing here at the Greenbrier for a week, after two days I’ve quickly realized, this isn’t a vacation,” Payton said Wednesday at a press conference with Palmer.  ”But I’m excited about it. . . .  I take the opportunity very seriously in that this is how he makes a living.  It’s interesting to be on the course and to watch these guys, the athletes, the consistency, the way they hit the ball, it’s pretty amazing

Payton is definitely in a different role than what he’s used to. Hopefully Payton won’t tear his MCL again by standing to close to the sidelines.

P.S: Training Camp can’t come quick enough