Sean Payton admits the Saints’ top priority is defense in the draft

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton told Bobby and Deke on WWL in New Orleans that defense is their priority going into next week’s draft.

“Certainly we’re looking closely at our defense, and that would be a priority,” via “I would say this: When you start getting into that selection and you see magnets both offensively and defensively that are close to each other on the grade line, it’s easy then — if you feel real close about the players — to go with one side of the ball or the other. The challenge is when you see the magnet that sits up there much higher than the defensive player, for instance, and then are you just strictly trying to draft a need player as opposed to maybe the best available player. And I think the key is just, what’s the gap? And so when a player falls or you feel like you have a real high grade on a player, you have to pay attention to that.”

I believe the Saints’ biggest need is defensive end that can get to the quarterback.  If they could have actually gotten to the quarterback last season, their secondary wouldn’t have looked so bad, because even the best secondaries can’t hold up with a poor defensive line.