Sean Lee doesn’t know when he’ll be back

Cowboys linebacker told KRLD-FM on Friday afternoon that he doesn’t know when he’ll be back as he nurses a neck injury.

“There’s no gray area,” Lee said via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I kind of have to let it heal for me to be able to even do my job. I wouldn’t probably be able to make it through the game until I let it heal. Hopefully it can heal up faster, and we’ll look at it next week. Hopefully it will look a lot better.”

Lee arguably been injury prone during his time in the NFL so far.  He also had a hard time staying healthy at Penn State.  He admits it’s frustrating.

“[It’s] obviously an extremely frustrating deal being that I’ve continuously been on and off the field,” Lee said on the radio. “The plan is to rest and hopefully reevaluate early next week. Early in the week I was getting better and feeling healthier and healthier, so that’s why I was gung-ho on being ready to play this week.

“Hopefully that’s a good sign, meaning that I’m going to continue to improve this week, continue to improve next week and once we reevaluate it, hopefully we’ll know pretty soon when I can be back. Obviously its extremely frustrating.”

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