Seahawks violate CBA rules, will likely be fined

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According to Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times, the Seahawks violated the new CBA by allowing wide receiver Terrell Owens to wear pads on his first day of practice.

“When Terrell Owens took the practice field for the first time on Wednesday, he was wearing shoulder pads.

“And while that might seem like it should be expected given the fact — you know — he was going to play football, it may have been too soon according to the restrictions outlined in the NFL’s collective-bargaining agreement as detailed in a report from Texas,” wrote O’Neil.

NFL league spokesman Greg Aiello responded to O’Neil’s email and laid out the CBA rules.

“Players have a 3-day acclimation period during the preseason. Day 1 is for the physical and meetings. Day 2 and 3 the player may participate, but only in helmet and shells or a padded shirt. Day 4 and for the rest of camp is in full pads,” wrote Aiello.

O’Neil says the Seahawks have admitted to their mistake.

“The Seahawks acknowledge that Owens practiced in shoulder pads a day before he should have, according to the CBA guidelines. It was characterized as an inadvertent violation.

“Owens was signed Monday, participated in a walk-through Tuesday and according to the CBA guidelines governing acclimation, should not have been in full pads until Thursday at the earliest. However, he practiced in shoulder pads.

“No word of a punishment for the violation, if there is any,” wrote O’Neil.


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