Seahawks rookie Jesse Williams has a lot of tattoos (Photo)

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Photo from

Seattle Seahawks rookie defensive lineman Jesse Williams has a lot of tattoos as you can tell from the photo on the right.  Just like anyone that has tattoos, the story behind each one is interesting. has Williams’ story.

He makes his home in Brisbane, Australia, and according to the American Football International Review, is the first indigenous Australian to break into the NFL.

As you can see, tattoos are a part of his persona. He has the sentence “I stopped checking for the monster under the bed when I realized the monster is me” inked along his right hand and the phrase “YOLO” – an acronym for “You Only Live Once” – running down his left side-burn.

“It’s something my mom always used to tell me, and I try to live that most of the time,” Williams said. “You Only Live Once, I have to make the most of the opportunities. My whole journey, coming from Australia, to Arizona, then Alabama, then continue my way to Seattle.”




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