Seahawks’ Richard Sherman plans on shutting up the media every week

After beating the Patriots on Sunday, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman mocked quarterback Tom Brady on Twitter, which was quite entertaining,.  But now it looks like he’s looking for too much attention.

“It’s not a shock for us, we believe we have a great ball club, we believe we can play with anybody,” Sherman said, via “You know, NFL Network and all these pundits think they know everything. Well we keep shutting them up week by week by week. We are playing great.

“They thought (New England) was the greatest ball club to step on the earth. They are 3-3, .500. I don’t know what great ball club is 3-3. We got great players. Me and Earl (Thomas) walked up to (Brady) and we said, ‘We are greater than you. We are better than you. You’re just a man. We are a team. We are a team, you are a single man.’ ”

Sherman admits he’s very excited, probably too excited since it was just one game and the Seahawks aren’t a complete team.

“I am pretty jacked, I am pretty jacked. I wish I was going on NFL Network to tell them all exactly how I feel, but I don’t get a chance. If ya’ll could, let them know, that would be great.”


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