Seahawks’ Richard Sherman claiming he’s better than Darrelle Revis

richard sherman darrelle revisSeattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman posted his stats up against Jets cornerback Darelle Revis’ on Twitter tonight, as if to say he’s a better player.  If you click the picture above you’ll get a larger view.

Sherman also made it clear he doesn’t want to hear the excuses for Revis.

The problem is that Revis missed the majority of this past season with a torn ACL and Sherman has only put together one good year and one great year.  I want to see it over a long period of time.

Also Don’t forget, Sherman was busted for performance enhancing drugs.  I know he got off, but that was due to a technicality.



  1. Seahawksfan99 says

    Cheats? LMAO. You people who spew this mantra are rediculous. The true cheaters are the ones begging for a pass interference call every play or trying to convince the refs that the opposing player did something that they didn’t do. How do you feel about lasics surgery? Improving ones vision to 20/15 isn’t that truely performance enhancing? Would you call him or anyone else a cheater if they took Claritin for allergies (Claritin contains banned substances). The NFL considers marijuana a performance enhancing drug. Would you call the person who smokes pot, a cheater? I wouldn’t. In fact, I would prefere the people my favorite team plays against be stoned. His sample was compromised, therefore, that one sample cannot be used due to the fact it can be tainted or tampered with. Do you think that one test is the only test administered to Sherman? Every other sample he’s given has come back clean. Cheater? You need to think before you put your thoughts out there.

  2. blodge says

    cheat?? he took ritalin…on an off day…hardly steroids on the morning of a game. and hes passed every other test, before and after.

  3. Anonymous says

    If sherman was on the jets, people would applaud his mouth, but he is up in that far away place called the PNW…so now he is just a “cheater” And saying he got off on a technicality is completely wrong, your just repeating something you heard of espn…read up on the matter before u speak on it….to many idiots on the net nowadays

  4. Anonymous says

    It never was announced what he tested positive for. He could have taken Ritalin, but more likely it was PEDs. He’s a cheater. Seahawks fans, face the facts he is a cheated with a big mouth and nothing to show for it.

  5. Anonymous says

    That was the safety’s fault big guy.
    Definitely better than Revis and his limp noodle of a knee

  6. Anonymous says

    seahawk bandwagoners need to stop dreaming. Sherman is good, but he is no where NEAR Revis. Sherman’s success is due to that amazing pass rush they have.

  7. Anonymous says

    Ritalin is NOT a PED. College students use it to stay awake and focus while studying. Steroids are a PED they make you stronger and faster. Ritalin should not be mentioned in the same sentence as Steroids. Unless Sherman was trying to get a better grade on a final, nobody should be penalized for it

  8. Anonymous says

    Richard Sherman is good but he IS NOT REVIS i saw Sherman get torched it the game against the falcons by Roddy white and Julio Jones. Hes a physical corner and give credit to the defense he is in that helps him make good plays but he is not Revis. If he puts in another year or two of real consistent shut down corner play then i would be open to hearing this but as of right now there’s no competition Revis is the best corner in the NFL

  9. Anonymous says

    Yeah right…. way to toot ur own horn.
    He not even on the same block with revis much less the building get the eff out of here with ur one year stat.
    Ur best year agains revis best year & reves stat will eclips anything u ever did… Just ask all the top notch WR from last year and before….Sherman u mad guess u high on that ban stuff

  10. Anonymous says

    Lmfao I swear the world forgot about revis and was sayin Sherman is god. Unless revis comes back and is half of what he was before than Sherman is the #2 shutdown corner. Hell Ladarius Webb might be better than him

  11. says

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this guy has gotten wayyyyy to big for his britches, Revis is on another planet right now, even after surgery. Way to show up in the playoffs and make some plays for your ballclub buddy.

  12. El Bubba says

    Actually it was released as to what he was going to be suspended for, and that’s Adderall. As it turns out, his bottle leaked when he gave his sample. The tester dumped the urine from the leaking cup into another cup that was already used, tainting his sample. Look it up online, smarty pants, before you say he’s a cheater. The tester changed his story twice during the investigation, and the tester has had other issues in the past six months. There was enough there to doubt that his test was accurate, so it had to be overturned. Sorry, that’s the country we live in. If there is a shadow of a doubt, the person being accused has to be acquited.

  13. Anonymous says

    Oh so Sherman is good because he has a safety playing deep for him. Ok, now I’m convinced that his one good year makes him the best corner in the league. The logic of some people sometimes man, no wonder the United States is ranked 17th in education.

  14. Hawk13 says

    Sherman is the better cornerback now and going forward. Revis is awesome but I’m not sure he’ll ever be the same. And he got torched a lot this year before he suffered his season ending injury. He seems to be injury prone and may not fully recover to what he was a couple years ago.

    I’d easily choose Sherman over revis at this juncture. BTW. Sherman was voted ALL PRO so the sports writers with the most knowledge acknowledge he’s one of the leagues top 2.

  15. Dan K says

    My favorite “team” is the Jets. I know it sucks. My 2nd favorite team is Seattle. Sherman is a very good CB but I’d rather have Revis over Sherman.

  16. Anonymous says

    Hey idiots he played great against Atlanta he gave up one play the whole game and it was because his feet got tangled with roddy white and the safty should of been over the top ther was at least 3 passes broke up by Sherman he made some great plays in that game. And the hawks pass rush sucks so you can’t say it’s because they get to the qb I would take Sherman any day over banged up over priced revis

  17. Mike says

    The problem is not the adderall conviction that was thrown out. The problem is the tweets after the Baltimore – NE game pretty much admitting to gambling on the NFL. The best CB in the league is not the smartest one despite going to Stanford and he will be suspended….

  18. says

    He was not busted for PEDs. Whether or not he did it is not for us to decide or judge – it was determined by people that heard the case and made a judgement on it.

  19. Anonymous says

    I might believe some of the garbage that the haters are spewing if any of them ever watched a Seahawks game.

  20. Anonymous says

    Look, this guy may be good, but people who know they are great don’t have to keep telling us that they’re great. I hate this guys’ attitude and he seems to me a bit childish. I bet he brags to his next door neighbor that his car is nicer than his, or that his house is bigger than his. People like this Sherman character are simply douche bags. Douche Bag Sherman!

  21. Anonymous says

    I think we can ALL agree that Sherman did not get into Stanford on his academic achievements. But he is a good CB. Go 49ers !

  22. jared says

    That’s Wasn’t Sherman. That was Browner and Trufant. Sherman gave up 1 big pass– The TD to Roddy White, though Chancellor the Safety was at fault for not getting over the top.
    To say he cheated and only got off on a technicality is ASSININE! Why? These suspensions almost never get overturned. The fact they overturned it, should be obvious to everyone that the NFL knew they screwed up bigtime. If I was Sherman I would sue the league for defamation. Why? Because these tests are confidential It should never have gotten to a suspension in the first place because of the errors in testing. I’m a certified DATIA drug testor and what the testor did would constitute a FATAL FLAW, which means that the test was completley invalid.

  23. Anonymous says

    Some people are just haters. I’m a Bengals fan and I would give my left nut for either of them. if I had to choose though, I’d pick Sherman. his two year stretch is better than any of revis’. Also, the hawks play zone. when roddy white caught that td, it was chancellors assignment… not Sherman’s.

  24. HyppieHawk says

    Wow, just another sport’s blogger who has his own agenda writing a fluff piece that really isn’t even news. Sherman’s stats proved he was the best cornerback in the league and he would have been in the Pro Bowl if not for his hearing. And Sherman did not get off on a “technicality”. Perhaps you should read the entire court document so you can be more informed. Not only was there a leak in the original cup that held the sample, which is highly irregular during a urinalysis, but the second cup that was put under it had a broken seal. The “technician” was not watching Sherman give the sample and he did not report these irregularities to his supervisors which is the normal procedure. Then he lied during the hearing and was caught by the judge. I hardly call all of the above a “technicality”. Please, take the 10 minutes to read the report before firing off a blog that is pointless and that is merely a personal opinion. Maybe then you can a get a real job and write real articles.

  25. Mike says

    I know, that was funny…pass rush..what pass rush? They have a basic, ok, pass rush…nothing more.

  26. Anonymous says

    yea not like his feet got tangled up or anything, and besides thats ONE play in his career that you can point out. sherm even knew he only caught that cause he tripped as he was applauding roddy when he got in his face acting like he made a spectacular play

  27. Anonymous says

    I’m still dying laughing because someone said we had an amazing pass rush and someone else said Revis has never been burned. Randy “Slouch” Moss, anybody?

  28. JB says

    You are leaving out the whole conversation. He said something along the lines of “look at the numbers. stats during my first two seasons are better and i only started half the games during first season” in response to people constantly telling him much better Revis is.

  29. Anonymous says

    Actually Sherman graduated from high school with a 4.2 gpa. He is the first person from Compton to graduate from Stanford. That’s the reason he got into Stanford.

  30. Anonymous says

    what happen to sportsmanship you would never hear the kind of crap coming from the greats like walter payton joe montana, even class act players of today adrian petreson, payton manning.richard sherman is a loud mouth bs talkin player with no class

  31. Anonymous says

    Have you ever listened to ANY of Sherman’s interviews? He’s an arrogant prick, but you can’t call him unintelligent.

  32. Anonymous says

    Hahahaha naive haters are hilarious.. Clearly this writer read nothing about the tweet.. He was comparing his first 2 years to revis’s first 2 years, not career.. And he’s better.. No argument

  33. Anonymous says

    he is the best corner in the league. everybody hating on him would be PUMPED if he ended up on their team. there is plenty of loud mouth players throughout history that used it as part of their game, it doesnt make them bad people. Ali, Charles Barkley, Deon Sanders, Gary Payton, Reggie Miller, so on and so on.

  34. Anonymous says

    its funny you guys even pay attention to the drug tests. people can still take HGH and not get popped for it due to the fact that its nearly impossible to test for. Until they conquer that challenge they will put any substance as a ped. why would a millionaire take adderall when they can just do some cocaine and get the same high and it would be out of there system in a day so they couldnt get caught. don’t make sense

  35. Anonymous says

    Just because he got off on a technicality doesn’t mean that he was guilty. Remember “innocent until proven guilty” ?

  36. Anonymous says

    I think he has to play well one more year, then he can say he’s better. But he is a top 5 cb maybe top 3 even .

  37. Anonymous says

    Well first of all its “ridiculous”. Second lasik or laser eye surgery is not illegal in the nfl. Performance enhancing drugs are. Go somewhere else fanboy.

  38. Anonymous says

    U kidding? If he was on the jets he would be part of the dysfunctional “circus” and mainstream media would be eating him alive. Be happy your player is in the boonies.

  39. Anonymous says

    So tired of the term “technicality” as it in this context it’s used to imply guilt. Maybe he was guilty; maybe he wasn’t, but the burden of proof is on the accuser, and the accuser was unable to back up the accusation. The evidence was corrupt, and therefore there WAS no evidence. What ever happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? Furthermore, the fact this incident was publicly announced was a violation of his rights under the CBA. If anything, he is the victim.

  40. Anonymous says

    I doubt you know what Adderal is. My son takes it for ADHD. Without it he is full of uncontrollable energy. Constantly moving, talking, never slows down. With it he is more even keeled and can focus on tasks. I would hardly compare it to cocaine. I would say Richard Sherman’s behavior looks more like someone who is not taking Adderal but probably should.

  41. The Capn says

    Ritalin and Adderall are both prescribed for ADD/ADHD. They are amphetamines and yes, given to people who do not have ADD/ADHD it acts like a stimulant. Given to people who have ADD/ADHD, it does the opposite

  42. Anonymous says

    Anonymous is a hypocritical idiot. With or without it he still performed like a pro bowler and of course revis never gets torched, right??? If Sherman has one more year with 8 interceptions, that would surpass revis in half the time. So time will tell but I believe and I’m no seahawk fan that Sherman will be the best cornerback of all time. And if revis joins the seahawks which looks like it’ll happen with a Matt Flynn trade, Seattle will be hands down the best secondary of all time as well and will be talked about for years to come. Oh, and at least a third of the nfl if not more are using some kind of performance enhancing drug, they just haven’t gotten caught because of the ways you could beat the system. Think about it buddy and don’t be so closed minded. It’s people like you that make us Americans look dumb to the rest of the world.

  43. Anonymous says

    Again anonymous, your a complete hypocritical idiot, did you know that he has never started any of the little fights he was involved in, I did the research on it and Tom Brady told him during the game to come see him after they win and Sherman did. No one ever talks about how much Brady talk shiet because the world views him quite differently. All Sherman did was got even. Look up every altercation Sherman’s gotten into, the other side is never mentioned to start on most articles.

  44. Anonymous says

    And another one of Sherman’s enemies Trent Williams was involved in a huge night club fight in Honolulu for the the pro bowl, so if you think that he starts it again, your the idiot!!

  45. Anonymous says

    Revis locks down his side of the field against the best receivers with no help. Sherman does not. Stats are for tools, therefore Sherman is a tool. IMO.

  46. Anonymous says

    I hate how people say that Sherman uses performance enhancing drugs when it’s just adderall. Brandon Marshall has admitted to using them as well and nothing happened to him. Students in high school and college use them all the time to focus better it doesn’t make you a better football player

  47. justin says

    if your the best you wouldnt have to say it. get off your own jock sherman. you had two good seasons, try to forget what ronny white did to you, the only reason you good is because you have some pretty good ass safteys and a nice second corner.

  48. bub says

    “Also Don’t forget, Sherman was busted for performance enhancing drugs. I know he got off, but that was due to a technicality.”

    A “technicality” that completely invalidated the results. Your implication is libelous.

  49. Joshua says

    There are so many haters here that wish Shermab played for their team. You can say you don’t like him and that he’s a “cheater,” but all your doing us looking like a fool to anyone who really knows the facts of the story. Richard Sherman said from day 1 he was innocent which was proved to be true since he never tested positive in ANY OTHER TEST. If he needed this prescription then he would have NO PROBLEM getting from any doctor which would of allowed him to actually use this drug daily. However, he has never been on the drug and that’s why he was confident that he his test was clean. You all are seriously a bunch of morons!!!!
    No joke, you are retarded, uneducated, morons that haven’t he searched this at all and want to argue this, but you sound like a damn fool.

  50. Anonymous says

    Sherman is the man. I must agree. But I like to wish him a nice offseason. Niners baby!!!!!!!!

  51. Anonymous says

    Why is it Seahawk fans think they have the greatest team in the world. I think Oakland fans Philly fans and seafag fans have the stupidest fans.

  52. HyppieHawk says

    Wow, I have my own fans. It’s pretty amazing you use the word “stupidest”.. Yes, it’s ironic that you would use a word like that… I’m sure this reply has already gone way over your intellectual capability… I’m just glad as a Seahawk fan that I have my own fans… thanks for informing me of this new revelation….smh

  53. says

    If you were to start a team right now, and you could have either sherman or revis, who would you pick? Be honest with yourself here. There’s no way you take revis, let’s just be real!! Plus revis for flynn is still possible. Put them on the same team and then lets see what happens. Revis can see just how good sherman is!!!

  54. Anonymous says

    Hey hyppie dick eater go smoke some pot and have fun watching the niners in the Super Bowl. Bitch boy!!!

  55. HyppieHawk says

    I plan on watching the 9ers get their assess handed to them in the Super Bowl while smoking some of the best chron in Vegas. And for the record, I’m a chick so you’re not insulting me in the least by your name calling. Again, you should really attempt to write something half way intelligent.

    Rather than your sorry attempts to troll this thread, trolling does take some type of intellectual discourse, shouldn’t you be sharpening up your knives for some unsuspecting Raven fan? Since you 9ers fans don’t really care about your team, it’s all about the violence after right? Your time would be better spent in that type of preparation.

    By the way, how’s Davis after Kam Chancellor knocked him out of his cleats? =)

  56. Anonymous says

    Well first off everyone knows the best shit comes from Cali. Two if u had any intelligence u would realize the ravens do not match up well with the niners. Three Davis is fine. I think hes Got the most yards for any tightend to start only 4 post season games. Damn bitches are stupid. Is this the first year u ever watched football sweetheart. Ride that sea chicken wagon!!!!

  57. HyppieHawk says

    I know the best shit comes from Cali, I get my clones there. Apparently you don’t comprehend what you read. I said I’m smoking the best chron in Vegas, not that it’s Vegas herb. And I’ve probably been watching football longer than you’ve been alive. Glad Davis is fine, just like the rest of your team, he’s a whiney bitch complaining about how hard he gets hit by the Seahawks.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Harbitch throw another temper tantrum like a 5 year old. He’s so much fun… and the Ravens will match up and if they don’t, it’s Ray Rays last year, he’ll get that ring, believe it. We went through the same thing in 05 with Bettis…

    I actually feel your pain but it’s 9er fans like you that keep me for cheering for my own division like I did last year. I’d rather cheer for
    ANY TEAM rather than cheer with a bunch of bandwagon riding, knife and gun wielding morons who threaten their own player and a crybaby coach who constantly whines and complains about everything he doesn’t agree with.

  58. Anonymous says

    Sherman is a big mouth cheater. He had 2 good years. If you compair that to Revis career your a idiot!! You in vegas but you aint betting against the Niners!! Niners got this!!! Your week ass QB wilson is a shell fo Kaep!! Cant blame him, that was a bad call, BUT.. not as bad as the weak ass golden tate TD against GB!!

  59. Anonymous says

    And another thing. I cant stand stupid Seagull fans!! And ther sorry head coach Carrol with his Big ugly looking lower jaw!! Hahaaa His name is, we call him TRAP JAW. Seagulls had one good year!! And all of a sudden their players and stupid fans feel like they can talk trash or deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as the niners??? GTFO of here!!! 5 about to be 6 championships BITCHES!!

  60. says

    It isn’t really accurate to say one good year and one great year. Sherman was only a starter for just over half a season in ’11. His production was very good last year, too.

  61. mediasolvcorp says

    Hawks lost the Atlanta game due to bad “coach Carrolin”, go for it on 4th and 1 down by 10 points, just stupid in the first half, there was the 3 needed to win the game.shoulda had another 3 at the end of the first half as well, kick the field goal when you have no time or time-outs, dont take a sack! i really wanna know who ran off the clock at the end of the 3rd quarter when the hawks ran out of bounds with 9 secs left on the clock?????? coulda used that 9 seconds at the end of the game. i think pete needs the aderil…

  62. Anonymous says

    incorrect when you take it you can concentrate better has nothing to do with stimulating you do your research

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