Seahawks players not very fond of NYC

It doesn’t sound like some of the players on the Seahawks are very happy with their New York City experience so far.

“I heard New Yorkers are rude,” linebacker Bobby Wagner said when asked for his biggest pet peeve about the city via the New York Post.

“It’s tough, man, and they’re aggressive. They are really aggressive in their driving,” Sherman said.

“The traffic, I hate traffic, I can’t stand traffic,” echoed wide receiver Doug Baldwin. “I like to get where I’m going. I want to get there without any wait.”

“Last time I was here in New York, the taxi almost ran over three people on the way at three different locations, three different blocks.”

Broncos cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie seems like New York City.

DRC said, “I love New York!”



  1. says

    That’s it, insult the host city for the Superbowl. That’s a real good idea. I’m originally from New York and if you have lived there you know there are two sides to everything.

    One thing I have never seen out here in Colorado is the initial friendliness that you have when New Yorkers meet. When I was introduced to people you got a hand shake from the males however, New Yorkers females will traditionally hug and even kiss you on the cheek. I have never experienced anything like that since I left New York as Colorado people like to isolate more.

  2. Anonymous says

    Sorry dude, I’m calling you on bull***^. Everywhere you go people handshake. New York females DO NOT hug or kiss you on the cheek. In fact, almost everyone I’ve ever met is a snotty b**** who won’t shutup and are nothing but arrogant as hell. Here’s what’s really funny and shows how ignorant your little post is….the Superbowl IS NOT IN NEW YORK AT ALL and NEW YORK CITY ISN’T HOSTING IT!!!! Instead, it’s the good folks of New Jersey doing all the work and all the hosting. New York city is such a joke that they can’t even have their own football teams play in the city. Jersey has to do all the work and all the hosting again. I’ll take Jersey over New York anyday of the week.

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