Seahawks’ John Moffitt urinated in public, charged with trespassing and obstruction of justice

According to, Seahawks guard John Moffitt missed Wednesday’s organized team activity because of a court hearing he had to attend for charges of trespassing and obstruction of justice.

According to police, Moffitt had been banned from Bellevue Square mall — and all Kemper Freeman properties — for a year starting on Jan. 21, 2012. But Moffitt returned to the mall on June 14, and was spotted by Bellevue Square security allegedly urinating near a vehicle parked near Paddy Coyne’s bar, according to an incident report.


Security called police, and officers looked for Moffitt near the Washington Square condos, where he was known to often hang out, according to the report. Police found two “very large males” running along the street, and one officer yelled for Moffitt to stop, the report states. Moffitt allegedly looked directly at one of the pursuing officers, then ran into the building.


A week later, police showed photos of Moffitt to the Bellevue Square security officer who said Moffitt had urinated near a car, and made a positive identification of Moffitt as their alleged perp. Moffitt was later charged with criminal trespass and obstruction, both misdemeanors.


Court records also indicate that Moffitt was caught trespassing again on Aug. 25, this time at Lincoln Square mall in Bellevue — another Kemper property. In that incident, officers escorted Moffitt out of the bar at Pearl restaurant without incident before taking him into custody.


“Once outside, two pairs of handcuffs were placed on Moffitt due to his large size and a recent shoulder injury,” a police report states. “Both sets of handcuffs were checked for tightness, and all were double locked.”

What a knucklehead.  Moffiitt’s next court date is set for June 14th.