Seahawks GM says they didn’t sign Terrell Owens out of concern for Sidney Rice’s health

AP Photo

Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider was on KJR in Seattle with Mitch Levy (via and confirmed that Terrell Owens ran a 4.45/4.43 forty-yard dash.

“In listening to everybody talk about how he takes care of himself and everything, here is a 38-year-old man that came in weighed 220 pounds and ran 4.45/4.43 and once he did that, I didn’t see that coming because a lot of people talk about how fast they are and they have been taking care of themselves at this time of the year and everything, but this was true,” said Schnieder.  “You could see the guys’ passion, you could see his intensity, his work ethic and that obviously rang through in that workout. He ran really well, dropped his hips really well, worked his way back to the ball, didn’t drop a ball and was really quite impressive.”

Schneider also stated that the signing of Owens doesn’t mean they’re concerned about the health of Sidney Rice.

“No. I thought for a guy that was going to have an operation on both of shoulders, I thought he was going to go pretty far into the preseason. I didn’t know how far but he repaired both of his shoulders so I wasn’t sure how quickly he’d be back,” said Schneider. “Coaches are always going to want players back as quick as they can and then personnel guys are going to say ‘let’s just take care of the guy and let’s make sure he’s completely healthy before we put him out there.’ Now at some point we all recognize that he’s going to have to go out there and get banged around a little bit and be able to react appropriately to his surgeries and his rehab and everything so at some point we need to find that out but we’re not just going to do it to put him out there. He’s doing a nice job, he’s rehabbing and he’s doing everything the way we like to see him do it. In regards to the other players I totally agree and I’ve had discussions with several of them and this is not an indictment on what they’re doing. We have some young guys we are very excited about. If anything we think this guy, with his work ethic, anybody you talk to on his other teams, whether it be Buffalo or Dallas, Cincinnati or Philly, they all talk about him being the hardest worker out there. If anything it will be positive for these guys knowing that they have to step their game up as well and obviously they look up to this guy. He’s a 38-year-old man that has accomplished a lot in this league and a lot of them were in there watching the workout yesterday and all of them were very impressed like the majority of us were.”