Seahawks fans upset with how they’re protrayed in Beats by Dre commercial featuring Colin Kaepernick

The new Beats by Dre headphones commercial above features Colin Kaepernick marketing their new noise-canceling headphones.

The problem is that Seahawks fans don’t like the way they’re portrayed and I don’t blame them.  They were made to look like classless barbaric fans.


  • Sam Hyatt

    I do see the insinuation that this was Seattle but no direct reference to it. We in Seattle always have a deep respect for any team that comes here to play! Although we are the loudest stadium the world has ever seen! We are the best behaved! I have been to allot of other stadiums, believe me when I say we are the most passionate and friendly I’ve been to!!!

  • Darren Armstrong

    Rather entertaining and extremely exaggerated. Seattle fans are loud but they are also respectful. I’m starting to think that maybe San Francisco football fans don’t really understand the game including the person or people producing the commercial. Perhaps the commercial is portraying the reality of life in the big cities of California. Because it certainly isn’t like that in the PNW.

  • Denny Crane

    If anything the fans in Cali are the ones with a reputation of Fighting , intimidation, deaths etc. So YES it is easy to see why the insuation that we are Bad Hawks fans would piss everyone off !

  • Daniel Stillmunks

    NO they can’t be classless barbaric fans–that title belongs EXCLUSIVELY to the “Raiders” a-holes.
    I hope there’s a giant earthquake that swallows up that sewer named OAKLAND starting at the Raiders stadium.
    Hooock, spittuie.