Seahawks fans threw food on Navorro Bowman after he blew out his knee

So classless Seahawks fans threw food on Navorro Bowman after he blew out his knee.  Very sad.

  • Anonymous

    why is that not unexpected?

  • Anonomous

    That sums up How Classless Seattle and Their Players Really Are!!!! How bout Sherman’s Great comments after the Game He is the Greatest corner of the game. Yeah Right!!!! What a team oriented sportsman!!! Another classless selfish act!!! Pete Carroll condones this as he hates Jim Harbaugh!!! So sad that Seattle had turned what used to be a fun game to watch into a mockery of the NFL sportsmanship ways. What Great leaders for our youth!!! I say Boycott watching Seattle games next year!!!!

    • Anonymous

      sounds like a sore loser to me

      • anonymous

        Losing has nothing to do with how people act. You sound like you would be proud to throw your food on an injured player. You must be proud of yourself.

  • Calichronichits

    And you citizens of seattle cry when you cant get an nba team.Seahawks fans are the pefect example of why you dont deserve one,hell they should relocate the mariners 2 Sacramento as well.

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens when teams react to provokerss! Dont sit there and say the 49er s are any better. Lets talk about how the niners tried provoking the Seahawks during the entire game! Nobody talks about that.

  • Anonymous

    Wa Wa Wa Seahawks fans are just rude . I mean here is a guy who was just injured and they throw food at him . The sport is supposed to be about sportsmanship great things to teach our youth .