Seahawks Brandon Browner would like to ring Jim Harbaugh’s neck

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh didn’t have a problem ripping the Seahawks for their numerous failed PED tests over the past year or so.

“I’ve definitely noticed it,” Harbaugh said, via the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat.  “You don’t know what it is.  Even when people say what it is, you don’t know that that’s what it is.  I’ve heard this thrown out or that, but that’s usually the agent or the players themselves saying it’s, for example, Adderall.  But the NFL doesn’t release what it actually is, so you have no idea.  You’re taking somebody at their word that I don’t know if you can take them at their word, understanding the circumstances.”

Harbaugh pretty much referred to the Seahawks has cheaters.

“It has no place in an athlete’s body,” Harbaugh said, regarding PED’s.  “Play by the rules. You want to be above reproach, especially when you’re good, because you don’t want people to come back and say, ‘They’re winning because they’re cheating.’  That’s always going to be a knee-jerk reaction in my experience, since I was a little kid.  We want to be a above reproach in everything and do everything by the rules.  If you don’t, if you cheat to win then you’ve already lost, according to Bo Schembechler.  And Bo Schembechler is about next to the Word of God.  It’s not the Word of God, but it’s close.”

Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner had quite the response to Harbaugh’s criticism.

“He’s never gonna be out there lined up against me. I wish he would. I’d put my hands around his neck,” Browner said, via

Browner’s comments are very interesting to say the least.

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