Seahawks would be able to recover $8.5 million if Marshawn Lynch retires

beast mode marshawn brought up a great point as to why Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch won’t retire even though he’s unhappy with his contract and doesn’t have a great reason to continue playing since his team just won the Super Bowl last season.

Lynch received a $6 million signing bonus when he agreed to terms on a four-year deal in 2012.  With an annual allocation of $1.5 million, Lynch has earned half of the money.  If he quits football, the labor deal allows the Seahawks to easily recover half of the total money.

The total stakes for Lynch, when factoring in lost wages for 2014 of $5.5 million, become $8.5 million.  Which is a mere $2.5 million less than what he has earned in the first two seasons of his current contract.

Lynch has reportedly done a good job of saving his money and is in a good financial position to retire.  So he may not care about the $8.5 million at the end of the day.