Scouting director told Albert Breer that Alex Smith isn’t a franchise quarterback

One veteran pro scouting director told Albert Breer of the NFL Network that he doesn’t believe Alex Smith is a franchise quarterback.

“The reality is, he’s not a franchise quarterback. His perception is, San Francisco won with him, Kansas City won with him. So he may see himself as a franchise quarterback. The timing for him in K.C., he was the right fit, but Andy (Reid) can find a more talented quarterback. He’d be a mid-tier guy on the market. I’m not sure anyone would invest $100 million in him. He’s more a stop-gap guy who can be a good teacher for a young guy, and can be in the lineup until (that) young guy is ready.”

It sounds like the Chiefs agree with this scouting director since they can’t seem to agree with Smith on what his value is as they look to sign him to an extension.