Scott Shanle says Donte Whitner “needs to shut his mouth”

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San Francisco 49ers safety Donte Whitner recently criticized the New Orleans Saints by claiming they needed a bounty system in order to be motivated to play hard.

“If you have the right type of guys in that (defensive) room, you don’t have to set bounties or pay money for guys to play physical and play hard,” said Whitner.

Saints linebacker Scott Shanle took the time to respond to Whitner.

“Guy needs to shut his mouth and mind his own business,” Shanle wrote on Twitter.  Don’t remember them winning the Super Bowl. U still ringless. We got one and working on two now. Try to keep up.”

Later on Shanle added something else to the fire.


  • J.V.P.

    Who is this guy? Is he a starter for the Saints?