Scott Mitchell says what Lomas Brown did was “reprehensible”

Last week, former Lions offensive lineman Lomas Brown was on ESPN Radio and admitted that he purposely allowed a defender to hit former Lions quarterback Scott Mitchell to get him knocked out of a game.

Mitchell told The Dan Patrick Show that Brown’s actions were “reprehensible and said he was hurt by such an act.”

“It just really hurt,” Mitchell said. “It was extremely disappointing. I’m really shocked by it, to be honest. Here’s a guy I’ve had in my house, I had a big dinner for the offensive linemen every year, he came to my house and ate dinner, I gave my offensive linemen gifts every year. For him to do that is just reprehensible, beyond words. It’s really disappointing, it really is painful. When you mess with my family, mess with my livelihood, mess with my health, it’s unacceptable. It’s B.S. I just wouldn’t do it to a teammate. I wouldn’t do it. If Lomas has a problem with me, come talk to me. To try to get someone hurt, it’s just mind-boggling.”

“People get seriously hurt in this game,” Mitchell said. “For someone to just lay down like that, it’s unacceptable.”


  • Mike

    I agree. It’s bad enough the other team is trying to KILL you, but here you have a teammate who is letting you get hurt… Lomas Brown is an asshole