Schefter: No way the Redskins are trading Kirk Cousins

ESPN’s Adam Schefter was a guest on Ross Tucker’s podcast and indicated that the Washington Redskins will not trade Kirk Cousins.

“Somebody told me not even with an ounce of hesitation that basically there’s no way they’re trading Kirk Cousins. … And then, there was somebody else that I spoke to, who basically said ‘that’s exactly right. Not happening.'” said Schefter. “Nobody’s made an offer for Kirk Cousins, to my knowledge. They’re not interested in listening to offers for Kirk Cousins. It’s not gonna happen. That’s why I tweeted he’s not going anywhere.”

It is very likely that the Skins won’t trade Cousins, but if a team made them an offer they couldn’t refuse, he would be on the first flight out of Washington D.C.


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