Schefter: Vick favorite to win Eagles starting job

ESPN’s Adam Schefter feels like Michael Vick has to be considered the favorite right now to win the Eagles starting quarterback job because of how much money he’s scheduled to make in 2013 and the fact that he’s more experienced and more talented than the other quarterbacks on their roster.

It ultimately makes the most sense for Vick to start.  The preseason will give Chip Kelly an idea of if his future quarterback is on the roster when it comes to evaluating Nick Foles and Matt Barkley.


  • http://n/a jones

    just because in ARs time some moron decided to pay this scum bag more money, why should the new coach make him the starter. They should have dumped him instead of giving him another year. More talented at what??? they are trying to build a team around what this piece of so-called whatever

  • Anonymous

    I am so sick of hereing this crap. The reality is Vick is not getting another dime if he is not on the team and only gets another million if he is not the starter. These idiots keep talking about the amount of money owed and there is none. The rest of his contract is based an weather he starts how many games he plays and how he plays no gaurntteed money