Schefter: Teams “aware and leery” of Josh Gordon’s off the field issues

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter,  NFL teams are are leary of Josh Gordon’s off the field issues.

 At least one team — and I don’t know which one it is — has made an attractive offer for Gordon. A deal for him might not be far off, though if Cleveland were willing to take what was on the table, it would have already done so. The problem with Gordon is not his talent; rather, it’s that he is in the NFL’s program, already having served a two-game suspension this season. He’s a strike away from a lengthy NFL suspension, and teams around the league are both aware and leery. But he can play.

This is probably the number one reason why teams haven’t been clamoring to hammer out a deal with the Browns to acquire Gordon in a trade.

Gordon told reported on Wednesday that Cleveland head coach Rob Chudzinski told him that he won’t be traded.  Either he’s being lied to, or the Browns have closed the door on getting rid of him.


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