Schefter: Cowboys are “un-clutch”

During an appearance on ESPN 980 in Washington D.C.,  Adam Schefter gave his thoughts on the Dallas Cowboys so far this season.

“You just can not count on them. They are so un-clutch,” said Schefter,  per Chris Russell of ESPN 980.

Well, I’m sure Schefter will get a lot of hate mail from Dallas fans now.



  1. R'bell says

    he won’t get any hate mail from me, because he is right on the money… The Cowboys are sooooooo un-clutch it’s not funny… Players are so undisciplined it reminds me of the old Barry Switzer days… Jerry Jones is a mediocre owner, Jason Garrett is a mediocre coach, and The Cowboys will be a mediocre team as long as hillbilly Jones calls the shots… been a Cowboys fan since Dallas beat the Dolphins in Superbowl 6, so I have earned the right to call it as I see it… here’s looking at another 8 & 8 season! :(

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