Santonio Holmes won’t commit to playing week 1

Santonio Holmes has been busy rehabbing a Lisfranc injury (and mentoring players) and to say it’s been a long process would be an understatement. Though he wouldn’t commit to anything, it appears Holmes is now in danger of missing at the very least week 1 of the regular season.

When asked if he would be ready for training camp, Holmes simply said, [sic]”It’s taking one day at a time. I won’t know until it happens.” That question was then followed up by a similar one asking if he would be ready by week 1. Holmes answered with a resounding “No comment”.

If Holmes can’t play, it will only weaken an already weak receiving corps. Couple that with the fact that the pass catchers don’t have any accurate quarterbacks on the roster, it is looking like the New York Jets will have a bad start to their 2013 campaign.

Who knows? Maybe Holmes just doesn’t want to face former teammate Darrell Revis when the Jets meet the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week 1.

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