Santonio Holmes is mentoring Stephen Hill

As we all know by now, New York Jets’ receiver Santonio Holmes is recovering from a foot surgery and will not be ready for the start of training camp. That, however, doesn’t mean Holmes hasn’t found a way to help out. According to Brian Costello of the, Holmes has been mentoring second year receiver Stephen Hill.

According to the receiver coach Sanjay Lal, Holmes has been helping him out with his technique.

What’s good about [Holmes] is I’ll give Stephen a technique,” Lal said. “I’ll show it to him on film and then Tone gives a real-world example of when he’s used it. It really does reinforce my coaching. He’s been a great help.”

Costello also asked Hill if he liked new defensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg’s system.

I love it,” Hill said of Mornhinweg’s system. “There’s no liking it. I love it. They’re throwing down the field.

It is great to see that Holmes was attending OTAs even when he didn’t have to. That action goes a long way to show that Holmes is committed to the team. Besides the handful of games that Holmes played in last year, the lasting image in most people’s mind is Holmes coping a huge attitude towards the end of the 2011 season in a game where he was ultimately benched because of that attitude.

The expectations this year are low for the Jets. To be honest, after losing a key player on their defense in Darelle Revis, no one really knows what the expect.

  • Keith

    Pretty clear what to expect the defense played nearly all year without him. Then they drafted the best CB in the draft. They are set at CB with 3 first round picks invested in the position. The real question is where is the pass rush going to come from and can the offensive line improve.