San Francisco radio host says Colin Kaepernick wearing his hat backwards takes away from his intelligence

colin kaepernickA few weeks ago a Buffalo Bills writer tweeted that 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick shouldn’t wear his hat backwards after games because it lacks class.

Now John Middlekauff of 95.7 The Game in San Francisco says Kaepernick needs to improve his professionalism in the offseason.

The ignorance got worse when Middlekauff said he believes wearing his hat backwards makes Kaepernick less intelligent.

It’s really sad that some people are so shallow that they still can’t look past how people are dressed or how they wear a hat.

Plenty of quarterbacks have worn backwards hats or other clothes during press conferences that the typical player may not.  It’s OK and it doesn’t make them less intelligent than anyone.

I had no idea that football players had to dress like lawyers or accountants.  Even if you look at an owner like Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks who has millions of dollars,  he never wears a suit.  Does that make him less intelligent? Heck no it doesn’t.

As the owner and CEO of Pro Football Zone should I be considered dumb for not wearing a suit?  I don’t think so.  To judge someone’s intelligence on what they wear is stupid and utterly ridiculous.  It truly makes me sad that people walk around judging one another like this.



  1. Sue Dorman says

    Are you effing kidding me?????? What the f… does that have to do with his game?????? MORON!

  2. Bigben209 says

    Very sad misinterpretations of the broadcast. I listened to it and the broadcast was about how intelligent Kaep was. It just asked the question if it was time to look the part of the professional, intelligent young man that he is. I know we live in a time of sound bites but be carefully when reacting to them. We all have room to grow and mature and I would put my money on Kaep to improve in many different areas.

  3. Fred says

    I wouldn’t. The guy is almost 27 years old. He’s not going to get any more intelligent. His lack of intelligence is exemplified best in his play. He ONLY makes good plays when the planned play breaks down and he’s forced to improvise and rely on instinct. Fortunately for him (or, really, because of him) he usually gets something wrong and misses his progressions or misreads the defense so he HAS to scramble. Harbaugh will draft a QB in 2014 to compete for the starting job; he has to. Kaep wasn’t good enough to lead the MOST stacked team in the NFL (by far) to the superbowl. That’s a major failure; niners should have been undefeated this year with all of the talent they have.

  4. says

    To the moron troll author;
    The host was not implying that a backwards hat makes Kaepernick less intelligent. It merely makes him seem less intelligent, which is absolutely true. If you found yourself at trial in serious litigation, would you want your lawyer to show up in sweats and a backwards cap or suit and tie? Your realtor at a closing? The person who presides over your wedding? The NFL is a business and business has certain minimal standards of conduct. Time for Kaep to grow up.

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