San Francisco 49ers open up No. 2 WR slot

For the “greatest wide receiver of all-time,” the self-acclaimed Randy Moss went from Super Bowl to Super Bummed in a matter of 3.5 days. He is now no longer a Niner.

The San Francisco 49ers have ended the season with an aging Moss, who turns 36 next week.

According to statistics researched by staff writer Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle, Kaepernick looked for Michael Crabtree. A lot.

A year after the 49ers placed the wide receiver position at the top of their offseason wish list, it appears not much will change this spring. As noted, there are a series of question marks beyond Crabtree, who was targeted 94 times in Kaepernick’s 10 starts, 55 more than any other pass-catcher.

While the patient team waits on Kyle Williams and Mario Manningham to return to their tip-top form,  they shouldn’t take a gamble on not drafting or signing a solid secondary receiver to complement Crabtree. By the way, Randy Moss was wide-open running his post-route when Vernon Davis dropped a deep pass on the sideline, and on 3rd-and-goal in the last series of the 49ers potential game-winning drive.

It’s mind-boggling when I think about how a young quarterback such as Kaepernick could lose faith in throwing to the sure-handed future hall-of-famer. Maybe if the Ravens cut Boldin, the older brother in Baltimore will throw the 36-year-old a contract, a pen, bulldoze the AFC and appear in the Super Bowl again–this time, the heart-felt, captivating story of Randy Moss overtakes the NFL scene. Great, can’t wait for that.

If the 49ers are interested, I’m 5’10, run a 5 second 40-yard-dash, and possess a lot of intangibles. Tweet me @imdperent.


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