Sammy Baugh was paid $1 per game during his Hall of Fame NFL career

In the modern day NFL players are always to get as much money as they can, which makes plenty of sense.

Former Redskins quarterback Sammy Baugh, who also played defensive back by the way, played in the NFL from 1937-1952 and was only paid $1 per game according to the contract below.

sammy baugh contract


As Down and Distance points out, Baugh was actually only paid 75 cents a game and then the remaining 25 cents at the end of the season.

Baugh’s $1 per game salary would only equate  to$13 a game in 2013.

I’m sure Baugh doesn’t regret playing the game for such a small amount of money.  A lot of people would play a sport for little to nothing in return.