Saints’ Roman Harper understands why the team drafted Kenny Vaccaro

This upcoming NFL season will be Roman Harper’s 8th of his career. Couple that with the fact that the Saints gave up a NFL record high 7,042 yards last season it came as no surprise when the team drafted safety Kenny Vaccaro in the first round this year. Apparently, it wasn’t a surprise to Harper either. In fact, Harper “welcomes” the competition.

Of course (I welcome the competition). And the biggest thing is, we needed to draft a safety at some point this year. I’m what, Year 8? Malcolm (Jenkins) is in the last year of his deal. It’s part of the business. If you don’t think that’s gonna happen, you’re wrong

With a $5.25 price tag, half of which has been paid out, Harper has to consider himself lucky to still be on the team. If the team decides to keep Harper on for the season, new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will have a nice three man rotation at safety. After a disastrous last year, Saints fans should have some optimism headed into this year.

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