Saints fan upset Lance Moore said Big Ben’s arm is stronger than Drew Brees’

Really people?  Sounds like some bitter Saints fans need to relax.

Former New Orleans and current Steelers wide receiver Lance Moore complimented Ben Reothlsiberger’s arm strength the other day and Saints fans didm’t like it.

“I would say that Ben has a little bit stronger of an arm, maybe a lot stronger arm,” Moore said, via “Just from the last couple of days with him here, that’s something that kind of jumps out at me. If you are kind of lazy with your eyes the ball will zoom right past you. That’s something that I will have to adjust to. I feel like the quarterback should never really have to adjust to the receiver.”

Saints fans got jealous and went after Moore on Twitter.

Moore is only speaking the truth.  It doesn’t make Brees any less of a player.


  1. vinnie12 says

    REALLY! Saints fans, that was not an i8nsult to Brees! Lighten up! Ben and Flacco have the strongest arms since Favre! Brees is still one hell of a Q.B.!

  2. Rdh1701 says

    If anyone would know you would think it would be the guy catching the ball, right?

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