Saints aren’t worried about Sean Payton leaving

With all the rumors that New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton could sign with the Dallas Cowboys now that he’s technically a free agent head coach, the Saints aren’t worried about him leaving.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees says he would be shocked if Payton bolts.

“I’d be shocked if he wasn’t here next year,” Brees said after practice Wednesday. “I have not even thought for a second that he wouldn’t be here, honestly.”

Brees also says you can’t count on what “sources” say.

“We also know how the whole sources thing works, don’t we?” Brees said. “Sources can pretty much say whatever you want them to say because you never really have to be accountable for it. Like I said, I’m not worried.”

Other Saints players agree with Brees.

“What everybody thinks is that Sean will be back,” Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins said. “For right now, Sean Payton is our head coach. Just like a player has a contract that has to work out, there’s going to be negotiations and that whole situation will play out.”


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