Ryan Tannehill, Mike Wallace “a little bit slow to develop” with one another

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According to Jeff Darlington of the NFL Network,  Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace and quarterback Ryan Tannehill have been  “a little bit slow to develop” a chemistry with one another.

Rotoworld.com has the details.

NFL Network’s Jeff Darlington reported on Total Access Wednesday that Ryan Tannehill and Mike Wallace’s on-field chemistry has been “a little bit slow to develop.”

Per Darlington, the Fins are “not really concerned about that right now,” and have their “fingers crossed.” Coaches are optimistic Tannehill and Wallace will find themselves more on the same page when they begin playing together in the preseason. Miami faces Dallas in the Hall of Fame Game Sunday night.
People don’t realize that players don’t always mesh right away.  I would expect things to get better by the time th regular season rolls around.

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