Ryan Nassib says he’s loves Buffalo

Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib told Brent Axe of Syracuse.com that he loves Buffalo and wouldn’t mind being selected by them in April’s NFL draft.

Of course with former Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett now on the Bills’ coaching staff, going to Buffalo would almost be like continuing his career at Syracuse.

“Coach Hackett actually told me this a couple years ago and I kind of put it in the back of mind. Quarterbacks want to get drafted to a team where there is a quarterbacks coach that can develop them. For a situation like this, who better to develop a quarterback than someone you have been with the last three years.”

Also, I love Buffalo. You know, I’m a Philadelphia guy. The blue-collar niche of Buffalo and Philadelphia kind of go together. If I had the opportunity to go there, definitely would be awesome.”

There have been some rumors that the Bills might take Nassib with be their first round pick.  I believe the best move would be to wait until the second round.  They would be reaching to take him high in the first round.