Ryan Clark wants to retire a Steeler

As safety Ryan Clark enters the final year of his current contract, he told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that he would love to retire as a member of the Steelers.

“I want to be here. I would love to be a Steeler until I retire,” Clark said. “But I don’t want this to be my last year. I did the ESPN thing because it’s smart to do it. I didn’t do it because I’m ready to stop playing football.”

Clark says his body feels good.

“As far as my body goes, I feel really good,” said Clark, who will go through the second of four weeks’ worth of Steelers offseason workouts starting Tuesday.

“I’m able to train. I’ve always said training would stop me from playing football, that playing would never stop me. When I feel I can’t go out there and get ready for a season, then it’s time to be done. But I love this game. I enjoy it.”

With Clark turning 34 years old later this year, the only thing that will keep him in Pittsburgh is if he’s willing to put his pride aside and not ask for too much money.


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