Ryan Clark: Steelers can make the playoffs

Steelers safety Ryan Clark is confident that his team can rebound and make the playoffs after an 0-4 start to this season.

Clark is confident because of how weak the AFC North.

“I just believe we can win. That’s just the bottom line,” Clark said Tuesday via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I think we have the people in this room, the coaches (to win). Also, looking at our schedule, we’re not playing world beaters, we’re not playing gods. We’re playing men.”

Clark is confident the Steelers can win their remaining five divisional games.

“We’re playing football teams that have vulnerabilities and teams I think we can beat,” Clark said. “That’s five division opponents left, so it’s in our own hands. I think we can win those games, and I think we will.”

Clark believes one win could get the ball rolling.

“It takes one to even talk about the playoffs,” Clark said. “So we need to win (Sunday at the Jets) to get this record to 1-4. Then we come back and regroup and forget you won that game and win the next one.

Clark added, “We have to make it respectable now. If you win three or four games out of these next games, we’ve had runs of eight games going 6-2, eight games going 7-1, I feel like we can put a (second) half like that together, but we need to finish this (first) half strong and that starts by beating the Jets.”

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