Ryan Clark says Tom Brady is the toughest quarterback to face

Photo from Steelers.com
Photo from Steelers.com

Steelers safety Ryan Clark recently ripped Patriots quarterback Tom Brady by claiming that he sees ghosts when he faces pressure in the pocket.

Now Clark is saying that Brady is the toughest quarterback he’s ever faced.

“I have to go with the greatest living American, and that’s Tom Brady,” Clark said, via WEEI-FM. “You know, I said what I said, and I do believe it, and it’s true. But when this guy has the opportunity to set up and throw the ball to his receivers, there’s nobody better at pinpointing guys out and making plays for his team.”

You have to wonder if Clark heard himself after blasting Brady and now he thought it would be a good time to sort of back pedal.

Just a reminder, the Patriots and Steelers play week 9 of the upcoming season.


Ht/T Black Sports Online